The power of persistence:real life stories of real people creating extraordinary results


作者:by Justin Sachs


出版社:Motivational Press, Inc.

出版地:Carlsbad, CA



The Power of Persistence contains the most uplifting and impacting stories of how persistence has shaped the greatest leaders in business and life in general. Ever wonder what the difference is between those who have enormous success and those who just barely make it by? This book will show you why persistence is the number one skill the greatest successes have.

  • Acknowledgements(p.12)
  • Foreword by Mina Watkins(p.13)
  • Introduction(p.19)
  • One Step at a Time By Ann McIndoo, Author’s Coach(p.28)
  • From Ruins to Riches: A Modern Greek Triumph over Tragedy by Christina Andrews(p.34)
  • The Parking Space for Dreams By Karen V. Kibler(p.43)
  • My Practice Wife by Keith Leon(p.48)
  • You Hold the Power – Believe by Leyla Hur(p.53)
  • Perseverance by Beth Wilson(p.59)
  • Choose to Live a Life of Joy by Karen Sherman, Ph.D(p.64)
  • Good Enough Is Not Enough by Masha Malka(p.67)
  • The Power of Persistent Belief, Vision, and Actions By Dr. Joe Rubino(p.71)
  • The Kindness Cure by CJ Scarlet(p.75)
  • Work on Your Waistline by Derrick Hayes(p.79)
  • Persisting from Q, W, E, R, T by Shirley Cheng(p.83)
  • From Kid to Author: A Story of Sticking to Goals By Kimberly Carolan(p.89)
  • Making Progress, Page By Page -­ By Kyle and Brady Baldwin(p.97)
  • Dare to Make a Difference by Randi Smith-­Todorowski(p.100)
  • When you start a business you have to be persistent. by James T. White(p.104)
  • The key to unlocking your dreams is to write them down by Bill Starr(p.109)
  • How I got fired four times and still made it to The White House by John Follis(p.114)
  • Power of Persistence By Sima Sorensen(p.117)
  • Setting the Goal for Olympic Gold by Tim Morehouse(p.121)
  • Believe in Yourself by Mary Jones(p.130)
  • The Fortune is in the Follow-­Up By Kathryn Marion(p.134)
  • The Power and Promise of Persistence by Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD(p.137)
  • Persistence By Robert Tuchman(p.142)
  • Focus on the Goal and Don't Give Up by Margo Berman(p.145)
  • The Path of Least Resistance by Carolyn Dean MD ND(p.150)
  • A Financially Literate Society is Worth the Choice! By Elisabeth Donati.(p.156)
  • About the Author -- Justin Sachs(p.162)